TR Training Services

Talent Resource Security Division is pleased to announce the launch of its 4-day training course for Security Managers.

Talent Resource is a specialist international recruitment organisation - with extensive presence in Africa and the Middle East - that supports major companies and organisations on a global basis. The Talent Resource Security Division was established after identifying the requirement for a more professional approach to the security needs of our clients. Due to the recent unrest in multiple locations, it became apparent that our clients were in need of experienced Security Managers who could be deployed to manage the full security scope of an organisation in hostile locations. This service is now on offer to our clients.

The course instructor is a highly qualified security professional who has headed large scale operations in Haiti, Dubai and Palestine. In addition to the operational disciplines of the security function, he also has extensive knowledge and experience of the commercial and contractual aspect of the business, thus fulfilling the requirements of all our clients.

The aim of this course is to teach each candidate the skills to fully manage a large scale security operation - as required by growing numbers of our clients due to these volatile times. You will also hear about the latest security contracts available within our industry and how to best place yourself in the market with guidance from Talent Resource’s recruitment arm.

Course outline

Talent Resource Security Managers Course

General Training:

  • Case Study (Haiti).
  • Client Expectations/Local Customs/Local Contacts.        
  • Case Study (West Bank/Palestine).
  •  Kidnap Presentation.

Contractual Training:

(a)   Evaluation of Contract/ New Start-up Survey.

(b)   Scope of Works (SOW).

(c)   Producing and Issuing a Request for Quotation (RFQ).

(d)   Selection of Provider.

(e)   Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

(f)   In-house - v - Outsourced Services.

Operational Training:

  • Standard Operational Procedures (SOP’s)/Company Security Policies.
  • Running an Operations Room/Dispatch.
  • Emergency Procedures- building evacuation, fire, earthquake flood etc.
  • Assignment Instruction for Security Personnel.
  • Log Books and Reporting Procedures.
  • Mobile Support Teams.
  • Radio Procedures.
  • Key Register and Issue.
  • ID Badge Issue and Disposal.
  • Access Control/Authorized Access Procedures.
  • In-country briefings (Staff).
  • Evacuation Planning.


  • Special Presentation (Talent Resource Recruiting).  
  • CV Preparation.
  • Interview Techniques.
  • Latest Security Contracts Available.